Monday, July 13, 2009

Wimped It

We've just returned from a 3200km sojourn to North Queensland and back.

This is the right time of the year to do it, and the original intention was to take the MX5. We have three cars - and choices were available.

We had three aims - to get warm, to enjoy the trip, and to be flexible. This last goal was a problem in the MX5.

In order to be flexible, we needed to pack camping gear. After much experimentation, it became clear that there was no way we were going to get tent, lpg cooker, sleeping gear and all our clothes into the Mazda. If we had been prepared to book motels and had only to pack clothes, it would have been possible, but the need to be flexible overruled.

As it turned out, we were able to stay in a variety of non-motel settings which certainly added to the enjoyment.

Having elected to use the sedan, I still had an interesting encounter with an MX5 in Atherton, on the Tableland.

I was filling the Falcon with LPG when an MX5 - an NB, and the same colour as ours rocked up at the bowser. It turned out that it had just been sold, and the driver was working for the used car lot. He was a mite discomforted y the MX5, never having driven one before.

He couldn't find the fuel cap lever, didn't know what grade of fuel it took, and wasn't sure how to find reverse. I was able to help him on all counts.

The price on the windscreen said $25999, which was a bit steep. It had covered 52000km and looked a bit tatty. It was a special edition with leather upholstery and metal finish in the cockpit, but our car cost $3000 less and had only 30000km when we bought it.

I took a shot as we left, and drove through the Tolga scrub. It's not very clear, but was the best I could do.

We will do a long trip in the MX5 one of these days - probably in the Spring.