Monday, May 21, 2018

David Hack 2018

Yesterday was the David Hack Classic, which remains one of the best annual meets in the country.
For me, it offered an opportunity to reconnect with the Queensland MX5 club which was represented with over forty cars from NA to ND.

Apart from Mazda MX5s, there was an amazing collection of classic cars of all shapes, sizes and vintages.

Here is a pictorial record of the event. Hopefully, I haven't mis-identified anything. If I have, please let me know via the comments.

This chappie displayed a running P & W Wasp. Noisy.....

MX5 club members and a clever trailer.

The gang's all here.

Row of MX5s. NA foreground.

My beast in foreground.

Smick Benz.

Beetle with sauce.


Giacollotto interior

And again...

There were flyovers - very bad photo.

The P & W

Some info.

General view with C-29J in background.

My car in MX5 lineup.

Turbo in an NA.

Same care - general view.


The club row again.

Spartan C-29J.

Spartan again.


Renault 750

Triumph Spitfire

40s car & van - Ford I think.

Ford Mercury

Falcon 4WD Ute

Sunbeam Talbot

T Model Rod

Another NC

VW Kombi Camper

NA Hardtop

Supercharged NA

Row of MX5s

MX5 & trailer combo


Lancia Aurelia
In good company

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