Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Agghh - Panel Work

After panel work - but before a cut and polish
There is no rush now to get a roadworthy certificate, so I'm using the time to clean up the panels as much as possible.

As mentioned before, only the roof, bonnet and bootlid were unbent.

I have a record of epic and abject failure when it comes to panel work, so I bought two rear doors rather than try to get the dings out. An exception was made in the case of the driver's side front door which had been dragged along something solid.

Each corner of the front mudguards had been buggered up by someone putting some kind of tape on to hold the broken lamp assemblies in place, and this had to be fixed. Both front and rear bumpers had all sorts of marks on them.

Driver's door before

Despite my record of past failure, the results weren't too bad. I think I have learned the technique of feathering new paint over old, but of course the age of the old paint (in this case 18 years) is always a problem. It you look closely at the pics you will see it.
Driver's door after

Rear panel before

The goal, however, was to finish up with something that I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive.

Rear panel after

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